BCC Community Survey


BCC Community Survey

Thank you for taking the Community Input Survey. On behalf of Bethel Community Church those of us taking the survey thank you for taking the time to talk to us. We had some enjoyable conversations and appreciate your input.

We enjoyed interacting and sharing with you as well. 29 people were surveyed
answering 5 questions. 

Below are the responses to the question. “If you could hear taught in a church anything you wanted, what would that be?” As you can see when looking at the top 3 answers most people surveyed would like to hear something taught relating to interpersonal relationships. When you see the top answers you can conclude most people want to hear about Love & Forgiveness in their  relationships within the family and community. Also high on the list is the desire make teaching practical to everyday life.

The below graph shows you the responses to the question; “What is the greatest thing that ever happened to you in your life?” I put the responses in the categories of Family Related, Work Related, Related directly to an experience with God, and Other. The other category had a big variety of  responses including being born in America, where a person went to school, and where they lived. As you can see by far (17 out of 29) considered the greatest thing that happened to them was a person in their family, usually a spouse and or children.

This graph shows the responses to the question; “Have you read the Bible for yourself to see what it says?” 20 People answered they read some of it for themselves just a few times or never. 8 people used to read it regular or currently read it regular. We missed getting an answer from 1 person surveyed.


The next question was; “Who do you say Jesus Christ is?” Grouped according to if the respondent affirmed Biblical teaching that He is the Son of God (One in Being with the Father) or not.

The 5th question was; “Do you think God considers you a good person?