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We believe that the church is about people, not bricks and mortar.  Accordingly, our vision is to be a biblical, worshipping congregation that equips people for a lifetime of Christ-centered ministry and to build healthy families by meeting individual needs.

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Service Information

Services are held every Sunday Morning.  All are welcome.

  8:45 - 9:20     Breakfast/Fellowship
  9:30 - 10:15  Sunday School (Men's, Women's, Children's and Nursery programs)
10:30 - 11:15  Message
11:15 - 12:00  Open Meeting - a time of informal sharing, prayer and worship.


We are conveniently located 3 minutes from Highway 44 in Webster Groves, Missouri.  From Highway 44, proceed South on Elm, go left (East) onto Glendale and turn left onto Colebrook.    Go past Hixson Middle School’s parking lot to Chestnut St.  Turn right onto Chestnut.  210 Chestnut Street.


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(314) 963-9008


ARTICLE I:  Name and Principal Office
ARTICLE  II:  Purpose
ARTICLE  III:  Doctrine
ARTICLE  IV: Church Order
ARTICLE V: Membership

ARTICLE VI:  Indemnification of Directors, Officers, Employees and Other Agents
ARTICLE VII:  Records and Reports
ARTICLE VIII:  Construction and Definitions
ARTICLE  IX:  Legal Incorporation
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Our Purpose

Bethel Community Church exists to…
•    To celebrate God’s presence through Worship
•    To demonstrate God’s love through Ministry 
•    To teach God’s people through Discipleship
•    To incorporate others into God’s family through Fellowship, and
•    To proclaim God’s Word through Evangelism

Welcome To Bethel 

 Salvation from the penalty and power of sin is provided only through the blood of Jesus Christ which He shed on the cross when He was made sin for us and died in our place.  There is nothing that man can do to attain this salvation through good works, moral achievement or religious status.

We believe the one and only condition for salvation is personal faith in Jesus Christ as one's own substitute for (and Savior from) sin. At the time of salvation, a person is spiritually reborn, his sins are forgiven, God's righteousness is credited to him and he is declared “not guilty” in the sight of God. This salvation, we believe, is complete and a present possession of all believers which remains theirs forever. All who have trusted Christ as Savior and are truly born-again into God’s family are kept secure and will never lose their salvation.   Although salvation is something that is willfully received by man (free will), it comes only through the conviction by God (predestination). Both concepts are taught in Scripture and are held to be true.